• Lead.Y<strong>our</strong> World.

    Lead.Your World.

    We hope every young woman knows the leader
    within her as an expression of her wholeness,
    her values, and her strength.
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    Register for a Program.
    Leading. Begins Within.

    Heart of Leadership helps young women navigate
    the pressures of achievement.

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    Learn from inspired leaders. Gain tools and
    shared experience that helps girls manage
    increasing demands and significant life decisions with
    healthy self-esteem, meaningful relationships,
    and a sense of purpose.

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    Invest in Our Mission.

    We are able to fulfill on our mission through partnerships
    with people like you. Your tax-deductible donation
    allows Heart of Leadership to offer its programming for high-achieving girls.

  • <strong>Our Story</strong>

    Our Story

    Heart of Leadership was created
    to inspire and empower young women to be
    wholehearted leaders who transform our world.
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  • Success. <strong>Stories</strong>.

    Success. Stories.

    Some stories by personal account of resilience, courage,
    wholeness, acceptance and strength.

Success Stories

Erin Mobley

Volunteer Voice: Erin Mobley

Erin Mobley is a business and organizational change consultant, writer, and philanthropist.  As a Girls Leadership Circle mentor and Core Team[...]

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Our Speaker Series

Heart of Leadership Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project & Panel Discussion at Qualcomm

Over 400 people attended The Empowerment Project & Panel Discussion hosted by Heart of Leadership and Qualcomm on June 4th, 2015. Participants[...]

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Invest In Us

Heart of Leadership Invest


If your business would like to sponsor a Heart of Leadership Speaker Series Panel or Salon, please contact us!  Sponsorships are a great way to[...]

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What We Do

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With so many ways to contribute, make a difference today in whatever way you can

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