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The Speaker Series is a set of panel discussions focused on the real issues teen girls face as they rise to leadership.  Through these events for girls, parents, and community members, we feature relatable role models who are leaders, peers, and role models who share experiences that made them who they are today.


The Speaker Series Promise

To provide teens and their families with candid and practical insight through relatable role models who leave participants more inspired, aware, and confident in leading their world.

The Heart of Leadership Speaker Series was created so that girls would know of the trails blazed before them not just by news stories or lessons but by personal account of resilience, courage, and strength discovered in the pursuit of world-changing dreams.


Speaker Series Topics

  • School, Stress & Success
  • Friendships the Matter: Real Friends, Besties & Frenemies
  • Relationships, Dating & Sex
  • Body Image
  • College Prep
  • Social Media


Read about some of our past speakers the Speaker Series

Speaker List


Photos from the May 28th, 2014 Body Image Speaker Series Panel:




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