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Our Purpose

We believe that who you are is as important as what you do.

Life for young women today has never been as promising – or as challenging.  A generation of high-achieving girls stands on the precipice of a new future for our country and our world.

They will be the trailblazers and the change makers.  They will be leaders, the collaborators, and the contributors in businesses, homes, political spheres, and communities.

Their leadership begins within.

Heart of Leadership was created to inspire and empower young women to be wholehearted leaders who transform our world.


Our Vision

We see a world where girls and women no longer judge themselves based what they see in the media or hide parts of themselves  to fit in. They choose their wholeness over perfectionism.

We work together to support one another in being our best selves as leaders in our lives and communities.

We understand the fallacy of being everything to everyone all the time, and we powerfully choose the ways we invest our time, energy, skills, and heart.

We see a world where leadership comes from our whole heart.


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